The Incredible Ice Cream Franchise

If you’re looking for a business with high earning potential, low admin overheads and is fun too, then read on. Your future has never been brighter…



Say Hello To A Unique Profit Machine!

An Incredible Ice Cream Bar isn’t any ordinary kind of ice cream installation. And this isn’t any ordinary kind of franchise opportunity either!

  • It’s not a van and it’s not a bike – The Incredible Ice Cream Bar is different from anything else that you might have seen
  • Its stunning design attracts paying customers and delivers outstanding revenue and profit margins to your business
  • The Incredible Ice Cream Bar promotes customer involvement and interaction
  • The Incredible Ice Cream Bar was first created ten years ago, has a proven track record of impressive sales and profitability
  • It is being offered for the first time as a nationwide mobile franchise opportunity
  • We will show you that it is a high revenue / high profit business that is easy to manage, enjoyable to run and won’t require you to work all the hours under the sun like other franchises
  • How much will you be able to earn? It obviously depends on a number of factors, but we would expect you to be able to achieve between £50,000 and £100,000 per annum


What Makes an Incredible Ice Cream Bar so Special?

The Incredible Ice Cream franchise is your key to an easy-to-manage, high earning and fun business!


  • At 3 metres long and 2 metres high, it is a gloriously attention-grabbing, psychedelic centrepiece in any room or venue
  • After a server pours the ice cream into a cone or tub, the customer journeys down the bar, pumping their choice of delicious warm sauces, adding their selection of crunchy candy sprinkles and finishing their concoction with the essential chocolate flake
  • Adults love the Incredible Ice Cream Bar almost as much as children, appreciating the provenance of our no-palm oil ice cream, and the biodegradable extras that make our premium ice cream (almost) guilt free!
  • Each Incredible Ice Cream Bar is individually handmade in the UK by craftsmen and you can actually select your own colour scheme! It has its own personality and must be given a name – which you can choose!
  • The Incredible Ice Cream franchise is one of the easiest franchises to own and manage. We have worked hard to make sure your administrative overheads are negligible. We estimate less than 30 minutes per month on average
  • We will support your franchise every step of the way. We will train you, support you on a regular basis and your ice cream machine will be covered by a 24 hour repair or replacement warranty for the duration of the franchise
  • You will be given your own exclusive geographic franchise territory filled with profit making opportunities. We will help you get leads from our website to events where your Incredible Ice Cream Bar can perform!

No Territorial Limits

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from franchisees is that they want to be able to pursue business with their clients, wherever they are. With Incredible Ice Cream, you can do just that.

Your business shouldn’t have artificial limits, so we don’t impose them. 


Pitch-up and Sell

Taking your bar to events is a brilliant, low risk way to sell ice cream, but sometimes it makes sense to sell direct to the public.

On sunny days during school holidays, tourist attractions, soft-play centres and other kid-friendly, high-footfall locations are ideal places to set up your Incredible Ice Cream Bar and sell ice cream by the hundreds.

Our industry contacts can help you find those locations where you can (for a fee) set-up for a day, a week or a month and sell, sell, sell!


Who Will Hire an Incredible Ice Cream Bar?

  • Every day of the week there are hundreds of corporate opportunities where the organisers need to book a fun attraction. Company fun days, conferences, exhibitions and company staff appreciation events to name but a few
  • Every week there are hundreds of public events – fairs, shows, markets and festivals – up and down the country where people want refreshments; including ice cream! We have a list of dozens of these events ready and waiting for you
  • There are an endless number of private events such as weddings and private parties where the host wants to give their guests a unique and memorable experience
  • You can sell, for a generous commission, static Incredible Ice Cream Bars into venues who would like a permanent ice cream facility such as tourist attractions, theme parks, resorts, malls, soft-play centres or any public space with high footfall

It’s a Year-Round Business

Incredible Ice Cream Bars are booked all year round for events throughout the UK. Many people think of ice cream as a seasonal product, but it’s not. Corporate events are usually held indoors and the period leading up to Christmas is in fact one of our peak demand seasons!

These are just some of the corporate clients who have recently hired an Incredible Ice Cream Bar:

7 More Reasons For Selling Ice Cream

  • Our summers are getting hotter. 2019 saw record-breaking ice cream sales
  • And ice cream sales happen all year round
  • 60% of UK adults eat ice cream at least once a week
  • 95% of people say they eat ice cream regularly in the spring and summer
  • And 83% say they eat ice cream regularly in the autumn and winter too
  • In 2018, over 500 million litres of ice cream were eaten in the UK
  • That’s nearly 100 million litres more than the Italians!

Potential Revenues and Profit

Now you can see just how profitable an Incredible Ice Cream Franchise will be.

Daily Profit Calculator

The revenue potential of your Incredible Ice Cream Franchise is dependent on how many events your bar attends each month, and how many servings the hirer buys.

Use the sliders on the right to see how adjusting the number of events and the number of ice creams affects price. The revenue here doesn’t include extras that you may charge from time to time such as additional hours, staffing and mileage.

Finally, you can add in cash events. These are events such as festivals and street pitches where you generate revenue from cash sales to the public.

Number of Events per Month
Average number of pre-sold servings per event
Days per Month Used as a Cash Bar
Average number of servings, per day, at Cash Bar events
Retail Price per Serving
Monthly Revenue£

The Coffee Station

Wait! There’s more!

You can unlock even more profit potential by adding an optional Coffee / Hot Chocolate station to The Incredible Ice Cream Bar.

Sometimes not everyone in a family group will want an ice cream. There’s often an adult around who would prefer a coffee or a hot chocolate. But who wants to queue twice?

Our full bodied bean-to-cup Lavazza coffee and luxurious Galaxy hot chocolate is just the ticket and our Vitale machine serves up a delicious brew while the kids are busy getting their ice cream lick-swishied.

The benefits are twofold. The family who want hot drinks as well as ice cream can get it all in one place, whilst you, the franchisee, get another ultra-high-margin profit centre to bolt on to your business.

Take The Next Step

Hopefully we’ve gone some way to persuade you what a fantastic business opportunity this is. If you agree – let’s talk!

Incredible Ice Cream Ltd
Unit 14 Grove Business Park
Shipton Road
Milton Under Wychwood

Tel. 01608 676121

Company no. 11646828

Incredible Ice Cream Ltd
Unit 14 Grove Business Park
Shipton Road
Milton Under Wychwood

Tel. 01608 676121

Company no. 11646828

Incredible Ice Cream Ltd
Unit 14 Grove Business Park
Shipton Road
Milton Under Wychwood

Tel. 01608 676121

Company no. 11646828

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