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Upper Court Barn

Mill End


Chipping Norton




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So how much does it cost?

We are always upfront with what the hire cost is.  This policy applies to the Incredible Ice Cream Company as well as our sister site at Games2Hire.


To hire a Wonka or Warhol style Incredible Ice Cream Bar costs:


Servings          Cost

100                  £450

200                  £600

300                  £725

400                  £875

500                  £950

600                  £1,075

700                  £1,150

800                  £1,250

900                  £1,300

1,000               £1,350


This includes the hire of the Bar, the ice-creams, cones, cups, sprinkles and sauces. All costs are plus vat.


It also includes staffing for up to three hours and transport, if you are within 25 miles of our Oxfordshire base at Chipping Norton.


If you are further than 25 miles away, we ask for a contributory transport cost and if you would like the Bar for longer than three hours, we can talk about that too!


Do remember that the Incredible Ice Cream Bar is a totally unique concept which is enormous fun for adults and children.  


It always achieves maximum impact and becomes a great talking point.  In fact many of our bookings come from people who have seen it and sampled the ice-creams at someone else's event.


We are very happy to quote on any number of servings, indoors or out and at any UK location.



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