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Say Hello To A Unique Profit Machine!

An Incredible Ice Cream Bar is your key to unlocking surprising profits from such a small space. And if you think adding a franchise to your business will be complicated or time-consuming – we promise that it won’t be.

  • It’s not a van and it’s not a bike – The Incredible Ice Cream Bar is different from anything else that you might have seen
  • Its stunning design will attract paying customers and delivers outstanding revenue and profit margins to your business
  • The Incredible Ice Cream Bar promotes customer involvement and interaction
  • After a server pours the ice cream into a cone or cup, the customer journeys down the bar, pumping their choice of delicious warm sauces, adding their selection of crunchy candy sprinkles and finishing their concoction with the essential chocolate flake
  • Adults love the Incredible Ice Cream Bar as much as children, appreciating the provenance of our no-palm-oil ice cream and the biodegradeable extras that make our ice cream (almost) guilt free!


What Makes an Incredible Ice Cream Bar so Special?

The Incredible Ice Cream franchise is your key to unlocking big profits from a tiny space!


  • It takes less than 3 square metres of retail space, potentially generating revenues in excess of £20,000 per metre, with margins in excess of 50%
  • The interactive and wacky design of the bar has attracted customers over the last ten years. The Incredible Ice Cream Bar never fails to generate crowds of customers wherever it is and those crowds are eager to sample what it produces!
  • The Incredible Ice Cream Bar has a proven track record of sales and profitability
  • Each Bar is individually hand-made in the UK by craftsmen and you can choose your own colour scheme which could for example reflect your company colours
  • Each of our Incredible Ice Cream Bars has its own personality and a unique name, which you can choose!
  • We will support your franchise every step of the way. We will train your staff, support them on a regular basis and your ice cream machine will be covered by a 24 hour repair or replacement warranty for the duration of the franchise

Potential Revenues and Profit

Now you can see just how profitable an Incredible Ice Cream Franchise will be.

Daily Profit Calculator

The revenue potential of your Incredible Ice Cream Franchise is dependent on location and footfall and therefore you are in the best position to estimate the daily sales potential of the business.

Use the sliders on the right to vary your average daily sales, the price you would charge per serving and the number of locations you would potentially serve Incredible Ice Cream.

Note: The profit calculator only shows the profit on sales made. You will need to subtract your other business costs for staff, power, rent etc. from the figures given.

Average number of daily servings
Sale Price (inc. VAT)
If you have multiple sites, you can have multiple franchises
Daily Profit£
 Monthly and Annual Revenue Potential

The table below shows revenue and profit given different average daily sales. The profit calculation is based on consumables only and does not account for staff or your other costs of business.

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

Daily Servings Sold at £2.80 per servingMonthly RevenueMonthly ProfitAnnual RevenueAnnual Profit

The Coffee Station

Wait! There’s more!

You can unlock even more profit potential by adding an optional Coffee / Hot Chocolate station to The Incredible Ice Cream Bar.

Sometimes, not everyone in a family group will all want an ice cream – there’s often an adult around who would prefer a coffee or a hot chocolate. But who wants to queue twice?

Our full bodied bean-to-cup Lavazza coffee and luxurious Galaxy hot chocolate is just the ticket and our Vitale machine serves up a delicious brew while the kids are busy getting their ice cream lickswishied.

The benefits are twofold: The family who want hot drinks as well as ice cream can get it all in one place, while you, the franchisee, get another ultra-high-margin profit centre to bolt onto your business.

7 More Reasons For Selling Ice Cream

  • Our summers are getting hotter. 2018 saw record-breaking ice cream sales
  • And ice cream sales happen all year round
  • 60% of UK adults eat ice cream at least once a week
  • 95% of people say they eat ice cream regularly in the spring and summer
  • And 83% say they eat ice cream regularly in the autumn and winter too
  • In 2018, over 500 million litres of ice cream were eaten in the UK
  • That’s nearly 100 million litres more than the Italians!

Take The Next Step

Hopefully we’ve gone some way to persuade you what a fantastic business opportunity this is. If you agree – let’s talk!

Incredible Ice Cream Ltd
Unit 14 Grove Business Park
Shipton Road
Milton Under Wychwood

Tel. 01608 676121

Company no. 11646828

Incredible Ice Cream Ltd
Unit 14 Grove Business Park
Shipton Road
Milton Under Wychwood

Tel. 01608 676121

Company no. 11646828

Incredible Ice Cream Ltd
Unit 14 Grove Business Park
Shipton Road
Milton Under Wychwood

Tel. 01608 676121

Company no. 11646828

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