for YOUR event ...because everyone loves ice-cream!

Upper Court Barn

Mill End


Chipping Norton




01608 676121


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Is it really self-service?

Yes it is. Guests choose a flavour, pump the ice cream and then sprinkle with toppings and sauces


What if my guests don’t know how it works?

The staff member who brings the Bar will stay with it and is trained to interact with guests and explain how to use it


Can the Bar be left without a member of staff?

Yes it can.  But before we go, we will explain how it all works.  It really is very easy


Will my floor get messy?

Definitely not.  We supply our own silver and black mess-proof and slip-proof floor


How big is the Bar?

The bar is 3m wide and 60cm deep.  The floor it sits on (which we do not have to use) is 3m wide and 2m deep


How long does it take to set it all up?

Once we have everything unloaded into the right location, no more than 45 minutes


Where should I put you at my event?

The answer is easy - anywhere. But it does work much better if we can be against a wall or the edge of a space so that the full impact of the Bar's frontage can be appreciated


What are the power requirements?

We need one single 13 amp socket for our ice-cream freezers. This needs to be available from our arrival on site until we leave


What if my party starts at 7pm but I don’t want ice-cream served until 10pm?

We understand how it works.  We will arrive before your guests and set everything up.  We will then return to serve whenever you want us to – and we won’t start to remove the bar until your event finishes


What if I want it to be a surprise?

We can provide a black silk drape that completely covers the Bar. It takes seconds to reveal it.  Please make you sure you let us know if you want us to bring it


Can you do outside events?

Most definitely yes, but because the freezers run on electricity they cannot get wet. Therefore if shelter is not available, we will bring a canopy


Some of the more common questions...